Report on the activities of the BAG and of BEREC Vice-chair as Appointing Authority for 2017

Document number: MC (18) 23

Document date: 26-02-2018

Date of registration: 26-02-2018

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Author: BEREC Office Advisory group (BAG)

The BEREC Office Advisory group (BAG) was established in 2014 to oversee the BEREC Office activities and support the Management Committee (MC) in fulfilling its duties. In 2017, the BAG was chaired by RTR as incoming Chair for 2018. It was composed of representatives from 5 NRAs (BNetzA, ComReg, NMHH, ARCEP, RTR), the European Commission and the BEREC Office.

All human resources, budgetary, financial and administrative matters regarding the BEREC Office were discussed by the group either during its meetings or via email exchanges, with the support of the BEREC Office.

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