BEREC Report on the outcome of the consultation on the Draft BEREC-RSPG joint report on facilitating mobile connectivity in ‘challenge areas’

Document number: BoR (17) 257

Document date: 22.12.2017

Date of registration: 08.01.2018

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Author: BEREC

This report summarises the responses received to the consultation on the draft BEREC- RSPG joint report on facilitating mobile connectivity in ‘challenge areas’. The draft report compiles initiatives to facilitate terrestrial mobile connectivity in what could be described as ‘challenge areas’, where mobile connectivity is limited or non-existent. It particularly focuses on regulatory and legal measures that have been adopted to resolve that issue (for example RAN-sharing, passive/active sharing etc.).

The draft report describes four categories of challenge areas: indoor, transportation means, non-profitable areas and other areas (protected areas, “grey” areas, low quality of service areas). For each type of challenge areas, the draft report describes the difficulties encountered in the identified challenge areas and describes different technical, regulatory or legal solutions and practices that have been implemented or considered by EU member states.

BEREC and RSPG sought to gather input from stakeholders. The response to the public consultation will serve as inputs for upgrading the draft BEREC-RSPG report. After approval, the BEREC- RSPG report can be used by policy makers as a knowledge base for methods of enhancing mobile connectivity in challenge areas.

In response to this consultation, BEREC and RSPG received 6 contributions. Stakeholders contributed their views on the described solutions, their benefits and their possible limitations.