Summary Report on the BEREC – BEUC Joint Workshop on the application of rights of end-users in the EECC

Document number: BoR (23) 25

Document date: 09-03-2023

Date of registration: 13-03-2023

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Author: BEREC

Article 123 of the EECC introduces a specific review procedure on end-user rights, where BEREC publishes an opinion on the market and technological developments regarding the different types of electronic communications services, assessing to what extent Title III of Part III meets the objectives set out in Article 3 of the EECC.

It is a strategic priority aim of BEREC to strengthen end-user empowerment. Marking almost two years since the transposition deadline of the EECC, BEREC and BEUC organised on the 29th of November 2022 a joint virtual workshop to discuss the application of the end-user rights provisions of the EECC, bringing together regulators, experts from consumers’ associations and other stakeholder experts to present their perspectives on the application of these provisions.