Provision of services in support of communications activities

Document number: BEREC/2020/10/OT

Document date: 28-08-2020

Date of registration: 28-08-2020

Author: BEREC Office

BEREC Office has launched an open tender to obtain services in support to our communications activities. This includes graphic design, production of promotional items, development of website designs, production of digital and offline content, as well as organization of communications events and campaigns. Deadline to submit tenders is 29 September 2020.

Graphic design and production of communications and promotional items

The first LOT covers the graphic design, production and printing of communications and promotional items, composition and visual identities, as well as subscriptions of design software and online tools. It covers dissemination of produced items online and the delivery services for the produced products to the EU countries.
The overall contract value is EUR 200 000.

Development and production of the website design

The second LOT  provisions website design for selected CMS platform and market research on the general web trends and in particular on the design, structure and features.
The value of the contract is EUR 150 000.

Content development, organisation of communications campaigns and provision of consultancy

The third LOT comprises services related to the development of the content for the BEREC Office digital and offline publications, organisation and implementation of the information and communications campaigns. The services related to the content development include copywriting, copy-editing and the proofreading. It also includes provision of consultancy services to communications experts.
The estimated contract value is EUR 250 000.

The BEREC Office will use the cascade procedure for requesting services under the multiple framework contracts. It will assess all the LOTs separately.  

All documents are available at the at the following TED eTendering website:


For better understanding procurement procedures of the BEREC Office, please consult Guidebook for economic operators.