The Register is structured chronologically and covers all categories of the documents issued by BEREC and the BEREC Office. Particularly, documents are organized into the following major categories:
Document Number Document date Document Title Document author
BoR (23) 161 Press release - BEREC facilitates agreement on retail price caps among operators to reduce roaming charges when travelling between the European Union and Moldova BEREC
BoR (23) 143 BEREC’s expertise contributes to the successful implementation of the Digital Markets Act BEREC
BoR (23) 58 Press release - BEREC defines its vision for the regulatory environment by 2030 BEREC
BoR (22) 201 Press release - BEREC 2023 chairmanship handed over to Greek regulator BEREC
BoR (22) 156 Press Release - BEREC launches its Work Programme 2023 for public consultation BEREC
BoR (22) 96 Press release - BEREC identifies new dynamics on connectivity issues and competition in draft report on internet ecosystem BEREC
BoR (22) 50 Press release - BEREC publishes updated Open Internet Guidelines for public consultation BEREC
BoR (21) 188 Press release - BEREC prepares for the update of the Guidelines on implementing the Open Internet Regulation BEREC
BoR (21) 151 Press release - BEREC will update Guidelines following the Court of Justice rulings on zero-rating, publishes recently adopted reports and calls for stakeholder's input BEREC
BoR (21) 100 Press release - BEREC publishes a study on EU consumer perceptions and behaviour on digital platforms for communication BEREC
BoR (21) 97 BEREC recommends clarifying the scope of the Digital Markets Act in relation to number-independent interpersonal communication services (NI-ICS) BEREC
BoR (21) 62 Press release - BEREC's Opinion on amending the Roaming Regulation proposed by the European Commission BEREC
BoR (21) 55 Press release - BEREC adopts Opinion on the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive and Digital Markets Act, as well as Guidelines on Geographical surveys BEREC
BoR (21) 52 Press release - BEREC's Opinion on the Digital Markets Act - Key proposals for a swift, effective and future-proof regulatory intervention on digital gatekeepers BEREC
BoR (21) 46 Press release - BEREC will continue promoting full connectivity to strengthen Europe's digital sovereignty BEREC
BoR (21) 44 BEREC invites to its first public debriefing of 2021 on the outcomes of the 46th plenary meeting BEREC
BoR (21) 40 Press release - BEREC welcomes the legislative proposal of the EC on Roaming Regulation review BEREC
BoR (20) 253 BEREC welcomes EC proposal for new rules to ensure open, fair and contestable digital markets BEREC
BoR (20) 246 Press release - BEREC adopts the Work Programme 2021, more guidelines and launches the 5G radar BEREC Office
BoR (20) 182 Press release - BEREC adopts Guidelines on Very High Capacity Networks and launches Work Programme 2021 for public consultation BEREC Office